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"Justice has nothing to do with what goes on in a courtroom; Justice is what comes out of a courtroom" - Clarence Darrow
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San Antonio attorney Cristina T. Sepúlveda offers years of legal expertise with proven results in child custody, divorce, child support and other areas of family law.

Tough. Compassionate. Winning.

Divorce and child custody issues cause emotional stress for everyone involved. Although the process can often be difficult and painful, we make it as smooth as possible, offering years of legal expertise with proven results. The Law Offices of Cristina Tijerina Sepúlveda provides the best legal representation, ranging from Child Custody and Divorce to Adoption and Child Support Modification and Enforcement. No matter how difficult your case may be, the Law Offices of Cristina T. Sepúlveda can help -- from consultation to hearing -- we are here for you every step of the way, creating a winning strategy for your unique situation.

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    The Law Offices of Cristina T. Sepúlveda are committed to providing clients compassionate, winning legal representation in all areas of family law. Contact us today to set up an appointment for an initial consultation.

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    The Law Offices of Cristina T. Sepúlveda serves the San Antonio Metropolitan area encompassing Bexar, Comal, Bandera, Medina, Kerr, Kendall, Guadalupe, Wilson, and Atascosa counties, as well as out-of-state cases. For legal help, contact us and we will assist you with the right legal support for your unique situation.

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The Law Offices of Cristina T. Sepúlveda are committed to advocating for you in your time of need and we are prepared to strategize & successfully litigate the most complex divorce and child custody cases. We are dedicated to providing each client with our experience and loyalty, relying on the law and applying outside the box strategies to ensure you receive all options you deserve.

More often than not, family law requires more than one area of expertise. Cristina T. Sepúlveda brings a diverse and experienced background to the courtroom. We are experienced in dealing with the Attorney General and the Department of Family and Protective Services. Our legal expertise helps you avoid the hassle of having to hire several attorneys. The Law Offices of Cristina T. Sepúlveda will provide you with comprehensive legal support.

Cristina T. Sepúlveda is a member in good standing of The State Bar of Texas. She is a member of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, the School Law Section of the State Bar of Texas and the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Texas. Additionally, Cristina T. Sepúlveda is a member of The San Antonio Family Law Section, The San Antonio Young Lawyer's Association and a Special Education volunteer with the Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid. Cristina T. Sepúlveda is approved for court appointments as an ad litem attorney in Children's Court.


What clients are saying

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"Cristina, I want to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the way you've handled our case. You have treated us with the utmost of dignity and respect all while focusing on keeping our grandson's best interest at hand. Your tenacity and relentless legal pursuit of excellence in support of those who can't speak for themselves speaks volumes and places you in a superb situation—at least with us. Knowing my financial status has not hindered you from representing us. On the contrary, not once have you demanded that we pay you in full prior to court or meeting with us—instead your response has always been, 'I don't care about the money, I care that the child is in the best care possible.' Once more, thank you for seeing us as true parents and not just grandparents. I am the happiest middle-aged man on this planet today. Thank you and your husband so much for everything you've done; you are a great team." Rey V. and family

"A fantastic job fighting for me and my two girls, Christina did an amazing job during my initial consultation and that's what made me choose her. Christina knew everything about my case and presented all pictures and facts about my ex-husband while the other attorney had to be reminded by Ms. Sepúlveda about my daughter's names, correcting him several times in front of the judge about their age and school they attend. It was great to have her on my side while she went into court with two binders full of my case files while the other attorney had just a yellow tablet and a small folder with a few papers in it. I got my girls, spousal support and child support. Thank you, Cristina!" Ava C.